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Das PRO-Modell von Shane Bonifay

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<div class="product_title_big"> <h2>Liquid Force Shane 2010</h2></div> <div class="product_text3"> <div>Shane Bonifay ist eine Ikone im Wakeboardsport. Sein Pro-Model begeistert so wie sein Riding. Es ist schnell und smooth zugleich und bringt jede Menge Spaß auf dem Wasser.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div><strong>Eigenschaften:</strong></div> <ul> <li>Double to Triple Concave Hull</li> <li>D-I-S-C hull through center, deepens underfoot, into triple out the tail<br /> DISC for softening impact and maintaining speed<br /> Deep double for precise sweet spot lift under your feet<br /> Triple concave with BIG center single for ollie power and pop</li> <li>Winged scalloped tail outline - full shape with release at rail wings<br /> Allows rider to shorten the arc of his turn off the wing for slaying</li> <li>Molded in Warped long base side fins<br /> Smooth water flow, superior hold, minimum drag</li> <li>Shallow canted inside fins placed at edge of center tip concave<br /> Acts as extension of concave to maximize the thrust through center</li> <li>Low volume rails with thinned out tip section<br /> Faster on edge with more hold<br /> Low swing weight and tip flex</li> <li>Lifted Variable edge rails<br /> Slight bevel, rounded to sharp through length of rail</li> <li>Aggressive, 3-stage Rocker<br /> Gives the rider the highest trajectory arc off the wake for a straight-up pop.<br /> Coupled with the deep single concave between the center set of fins, the new Shane has unmatched ollie power</li> <li>Shallow Scalloped Tail<br /> Full tip area working with the large concave exiting through the center</li></ul></div>

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